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Feature Analyst

Transform imagery into geospatial understanding

Feature Analyst


Textron Systems' Feature Analyst is tightly integrated with the Esri® ArcGIS® platform to extract feature data from imagery in order to populate geographic information systems (GIS) databases. Analysts can rapidly and accurately collect vector feature data from high-resolution satellite and aerial imagery in order to gain spatial understanding. 

All products generated from Feature Analyst are directly importable into RemoteView and can automatically be linked via RVConnect. Feature Analyst can also work in conjunction with LIDAR Analyst to simultaneously extract actionable information from both imagery and LiDAR.

  • Utilize spectral and spatial information to rapidly collect feature data from satellite and aerial imagery
  • Perform object-specific change detection
  • Improve feature data using a variety of post-processing and advanced-editing tools
  • Develop automated feature extraction (AFE) models that contain all of the information required to automatically process additional data sets
  • Improve feature extraction results using an iterative, hierarchical learning process


Supported Software ESRI® ArcGIS® 10.x
Hardware Requirements Intel® 2.0 GHz or better; 4 GB or better on client
Operating System Windows® 7 or newer

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