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Operations Support

System readiness whenever, wherever

Operations Support


Textron Systems has decades of experience keeping assets operational and personnel expertly trained, working side-by-side with our troops in combat. Providing whatever is needed, whenever it is needed.

We deliver the highest asset availability and system readiness for our customers to ensure mission readiness and safety.

Support Options

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    Supply Chain Management
    Sustainment Engineering
    Repair Of Repairables
    Product Refurbishments and Retrofit Kits
Supply Chain Management
Sustainment Engineering
Repair Of Repairables
Product Refurbishments and Retrofit Kits

Working alongside customers, our team develops solutions that maximize system and equipment availability and useful life, as well as minimize cost of ownership.

Once our skilled technicians are on location at customer sites, they perform valuable oversight including asset tracking, obsolescence planning, and inventory monitoring and management. These efforts also can be accomplished at remote warehousing and depot locations as needed to meet customer requirements.

  • Maximize system and equipment availability
  • Minimize total cost of ownership over the equipment life cycle
  • Skilled technicians deployed to customer sites, even satellite depots
  • Asset tracking, obsolescence planning and inventory monitoring
  • Quality oversight
  • Material forecasting

Program features:

  • Inventory management
  • Inspections
  • Repairs
  • Testing and record keeping

Textron Systems supports customers to keep their valuable assets in service and available for a long useful life, maximizing the value of their investment. Detailed data analysis allows us to increase and maintain high operational availability for an asset over its full term of service. Our team is constantly evaluating our supply chain and developing new processes to keep aging assets in service and mission ready.

Textron Systems’ performs depot-level maintenance repairs that require substantial or major overhauls as well as complete rebuilding of components and systems that are not performed in the field.

As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), our personnel have a thorough familiarity with every aggregate component related to the system. Over the last 17 years, Textron Systems has customized tooling, fixtures and processes to proficiently support repairs that effectively enable the warfighter to meet or exceed mission capability.

As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), our valued customers have consistently turned to us to provided creative solutions to maintain or extend the life of their equipment. Whether large, fleet-wide refurbishment campaigns or select field retrofit activities, customers around the world can rely on Textron Systems' ability to engineer complete, affordable solutions.

Textron Systems provides supply support, which interfaces with depot- and field-level maintenance to ensure that the proper material is available when it is required to perform maintenance.

Collectively, we assess how to improve support, account for resource lead times in anticipation of shifts in repair needs, and reduce lead times and costs.

Textron Systems maintains over 5,000 different part numbers/SKUs and over 1,500,000 parts in inventory. Depot- and field-level supply support is intertwined with depot- and field-level maintenance to ensure that the proper inventory is consistently maintained. We also have developed processes that provide shipment and delivery of those parts to the contiguous United States (CONUS) and OCONUS austere locations in the critical time required by the government.

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