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Textron Systems Australia

Established in 1995 in Melbourne, Textron Systems Australia has been a pioneer in Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) for more than two decades. Today, we continue to deliver innovative UAS solutions to the region. Textron Systems Australia is a wholly owned entity of Textron, Inc., a Fortune 500 company. Textron’s global network of aerospace businesses includes respected brands such as Beechcraft®., BellTM., Cessna®., Hawker®. and LycomingTM.




Textron Systems Australia has a strong legacy of creating ground breaking technologies and pushing past possible to deliver disruptive autonomous systems to our customers. We’ve assembled a team of passionate and innovative thinkers, including engineers, production, maintenance, and flight operations staff who are dedicated to a culture of continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

We value diversity in all its forms to bring the best ideas to the forefront for our customers. Textron Systems Australia is dedicated to supporting the Sovereign Industrial Capabilities that are vital to the Australian defense industrial base.

Fuels Leadership


Our team designed the Aerosonde system to meet demanding requirements of military and commercial users in a reliable, cost-effective manner. Simple, robust, and ruggedly designed, the Aerosonde system features a small operational and logistics footprint. The system is readily maintained in austere environments, with demonstrated high reliability and availability rates. The system’s light logistics footprint enables expeditionary operations with flexibility for rapid movement both at sea and on land.


Locations/Manufacturing Capabilities 

Textron Systems’ high-performance unmanned systems and training services meet the specific goals and requirements of military, civil and commercial customers. With indigenous capabilities, Textron Systems Australia provides focused, local support right where you do business. Textron Systems Australia fully supports the concept of Sovereign Industrial Capability and will demonstrate this through high value jobs in-country. Our facilities include:



Notting Hill, Victoria

  • Head Office

    · Multi-Disciplinary Engineering Team

  • Electronics Design & Integration

  • Electronics

    · Sub-Assembly/Final Assembly

  • Paintshop

    · Engine/Aircraft Test Cells

  • Environmental Test Chamber

  • 17,400 sq.ft  (12,000 sq.ft factory, 5,400 sq.ft office)



TRAINING & SUPPORT –  Enoggera, Queensland

  • Field Service Representative Team providing embedded support to 20RAA

  • Training


  • Maintenance

FLIGHT TEST & OPERATIONS – St. Leonards, Victoria

  • Flight testing and operations facility

  • Airspace (D322A, D322B)

  • 1.5nm radius, 8,000 ft

  • Used for flight testing of new payloads

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