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Data Analysis & Exploitation

Analyze and exploit data to make critical decisions

Data Analysis Exploitation

When lives are at stake and critical decisions need to be made, it's imperative you get the information you need quickly and reliably. We have the tools you need to stay informed, with advanced analytical, visualization and data management technologies. And we further support those who imagine, manipulate and exploit the electromagnetic spectrum by providing training aids and confidence testers.


Plan for missions with confidence, using our geospatial analysis and command-and-control software to assess situations and gain a baseline understanding of areas of interest. From imagery analysis to precision positioning to multi-vehicle collaboration, our systems provide decision makers the information they need to plan and execute missions. 

Model & Test

Our innovative test equipment and simulation systems prepare your team for a wide range of missions. Designed to increase accuracy and decrease reliance on costly and time-consuming testing,  our robust simulated environments help analysts and operators assess system performance and evaluate countermeasures. 


Collected data from missions can be quickly formatted and analyzed with our industry-leading data analysis tools. Knowing this data can be critical to planning and implementing future mission success, our software delivers actionable insights that drive informed decisions. With the ability to rapidly search, discover, exploit, analyze and collaborate, users are able to create robust, complete pictures of their missions.