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Real-time visualization and exploitation tool



Textron Systems' Optice software is an easy to use real-time visualization and exploitation tool purpose-built to enhance interactions with full motion video as well as other data sources. Optice delivers a series of advanced capabilities that not only enriches the data but helps shorten the time from data acquisition to action. Optice allows your operators and analysts to focus on all the operational support functions within one simple tool. There is no back-end system required, allowing you to increase capabilities while reducing costs.

Features & Benefits

Key Features
  • Assisted interactivity 
  • Real-Time object tracking 
  • Interactive video tagging
  • Activity identification and correlation
  • Integrate Map based view
  • Activity based report generation 
  • MISB and external sensor metadata support 
  • Network and File based playback 
  • Custom reports
  • Seamlessly integrates with unmanned and traditional aviation systems
    • Drones, camera systems, body cameras, security 
  • Easily find, identify, and assign attributes to any visible object
  • Interact with live or historical data for real-time or forensic analysis
  • Integrate with existing GIS systems
  • Create custom data layers to visualize data sourced from different locations or sensors
System Requirements
  • Windows® 10
  • Nvidia® GPU (6GB+ memory)
  • 16GB of system RAM (24+ recommended)