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Real-Time Visualization, Collaboration and Exploitation Tool



Textron Systems' SeeGEO® is a web-enabled platform with an architecture purpose built to solve problems across the spatial-temporal spectrum. Providing support for multi-modal data SeeGEO delivers a sophisticated toolset for exploitation packaged in a highly collaborative environment. With its user first design approach SeeGEO provides an experience that is unmatched in the industry that is coupled with best in class tools for visualizing and interacting with geospatial imagery and video.

This platform enables users to rapidly search, discover, exploit, analyze and collaborate in real-time to create robust products using full-motion video and imagery.

  • Scalable to meet needs from the tactical edge to the enterprise level
  • Improved visualization and interaction in real-time for increased situational awareness
  • Single user experience for ingesting and cataloging imagery, video and data
  • User-generated cloud work spaces with live editing, commenting and chat
  • Web-based video and imagery exploitation

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