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Textron Systems' SECAT™ offers revolutionary capabilities to US Marine Corps, Navy

May 6, 2024

The Textron Systems Surface Effect Cargo Amphibious Transport (SECAT™) vehicle is a revolutionary craft, purpose-built to support maritime logistics missions inside of contested environments where speed, versatility and survivability are paramount. With the Navy and Marine Corps having a wide and diverse array of amphibious missions across the globe, the SECAT design offers high-speed, long-range, cargo and personnel transport, as well as cargo transfer, both at sea and on land.

For logistics missions inside of contested environments, the SECAT surface effect design provides several key advantages over traditional monohull vessels. Its impressive speed of up to 50+ knots allows it to carry up to 500 tons of cargo (equivalent of 21 Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicles) to a range of 500nm and quickly maneuver from the cargo load zone to the delivery location. The vessel’s shallow draft of 4 feet also allows it to maneuver close to the shoreline and discharge cargo without the need for port infrastructure (piers, cranes, etc.) support. This is a significant advantage when operating in austere undeveloped locations and offers fleet planners a high degree of operational flexibility when planning logistics missions. Additionally, both its speed and shallow draft provide a degree of survivability by making the vessel a harder targeting solution for potential adversaries.

In addition to its speed and range, a distinct advantage of the SECAT design over traditional monohulls is its ability to conduct rolling-stock cargo transport at sea from roll-on, roll-off or other large cargo vessels. This unique capability allows large and relatively defenseless cargo vessels to remain in safe environments far out at sea while SECAT makes high speed and long range runs into the landing zone to deliver needed cargo. The craft is designed to conduct land-to-land logistics missions as well.

SECAT is a highly advanced amphibious transport connector, perfectly suited to support challenging logistics missions no matter the location. With its impressive speed, range and payload capacity, SECAT will ensure that U.S. and allied forces receive the required logistics support wherever it is needed to conduct operations. SECAT is a key asset that will undoubtedly play a crucial role in the future of amphibious operations for the Navy, Marine Corps and allied partners.