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CottonmouthTM ARV


Purpose-built for the United States Marine Corp Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle (ARV) program, the new CottonmouthTM ARV is a recon vehicle to be feared. A force-multiplier armed to the fangs with advanced full-spectrum reconnaissance and surveillance sensors, it’s expertly designed to defeat threats beyond line of sight and comes complete with cutting-edge technologies that will keep adversaries up at night. Amphibious mobility, unrivaled versatility and electronic warfare capabilities define a vehicle that is adaptable, stealthy and thrives wherever enemies hide.

Features & Highlights

  • Clean-sheet design to meet customer requirements
  • Naval Sensor Node
  • Open architecture platform for future systems integration
  • Transportability: - LCAC & SSC: 4 vehicles
  • Self-deployable for amphibious operations
Cottonmouth sensors


Purpose-built as the naval sensor node for the United States Marine Corps

Cottonmouth driving through water


Armed with advanced full spectrum reconnaissance and surveillance sensors

Cottonmouth Strike beyond line of sight


Designed to defeat threats beyond the line of sight


GVWMAX (as-tested) 37,000 lbs
Fuel Efficiency > 3.2
VCI (AT 37,000 lbs) 23.4
Swim Speed > 5 Knots
LXWXH (Base Vehicle) 280 X 106 X 90.9 inches
Land Speed >65 MPH
Self-Deployable From LCAC 100
Transportability 4
LCAC & LCAC (100) Four (4) at GVW Max
Transportable On: LCU-1610, LCU-1700, EPF, INLS, and Transfer To and From Amphibious Ships

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