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Textron Systems Receives Award for MAGNUSS Next Generation Mine Sweep System

April 4, 2023

On March 8, 2023 Textron Systems was awarded an initial $20.8 million award for the design development and integration of the U.S. Navy’s next generation mine sweep system for use on board the Common Unmanned Surface Vessel (CUSV) platform. Designated as the Magnetic and Acoustic Generation Next Unmanned Superconducting Sweep (MAGNUSS), this system supports the Office of Naval Research (ONR), and the U.S. Navy’s transition from traditional legacy towed mine-sweep systems.

As the prime contractor, Textron Systems will work with General Dynamics-Applied Physical Sciences Corporation and American Superconductor on the future capabilities development effort for ONR. Utilizing a robust magnet developed by American Superconductor and an underwater acoustic system developed by General Dynamics- Applied Physical Sciences Corporation, MAGNUSS will be designed to rapidly perform mine sweep missions without utilizing a towed system. Having the payload fully integrated onboard the CUSV platform allows mines to be neutralized safely and efficiently, effectively minimizing risk and harm to sailors.

Textron Systems’ Vice President of Sea Systems, Ryan Schaffernocker commented, “Coming off of big wins in 2022 including achieving Initial Operational Capability (IOC) for Unmanned Influence Sweep System (UISS) and supporting Navy for Mine Counter Measure Mission Package Initial Operational Test & Evaluation (IOT&E), this award is strong evidence of the Navy’s continued trust in the Textron Systems USV team to develop, integrate, and make deployment ready next generation technologies. We are excited to continue our work ensuring that our sailors remain safe as they protect our nation.”

Additional testing and further development of this technology will continue as part of this 36-month contract. To learn more about Textron Systems achievements in supporting USV technology, please visit: