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Textron Systems Launches SeeGEO, a flexible geospatial analytic platform, at the 2019 GEOINT Symposium

June 3, 2019

At the 2019 GEOINT Symposium, Textron Systems, a Textron, Inc. business, announced the launch of SeeGEO™, a customizable geospatial analytic platform. SeeGEO connects geospatial data to analytics across multiple cloud environments to deliver actionable insights that drive informed decisions. This software-as-a-service platform enables users to rapidly search, discover, exploit, analyze, and collaborate to create robust products using full-motion video, imagery, and geographic information system data. The intuitive user interface leverages our pedigree of producing market-leading imagery exploitation products like RemoteView™ and supports rapid first phase responses as well as rigorous time series analysis. SeeGEO, which is compatible with browsers on desktops, laptops or mobile devices, is platform-agnostic, allowing for data and imagery to be ingested across various sources.

“Building upon our years of experience within the geospatial intelligence industry, SeeGEO provides users with a customizable, easy-to-use method to search, analyze and disseminate data,” says Textron Systems Senior Vice President of Geospatial Systems Daryl Madden. “We are excited to unveil this to customers at GEOINT.

The variant of SeeGEO on-display at GEOINT is configured for integration with Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) cloud-based services, demonstrating a powerful video management system. After SeeGEO ingests and captures live contribution feeds from aerial camera sensor systems, the data is processed through AWS Elemental Live to generate Adaptive Bit Rate streaming profiles of the content. These streams are then sent to AWS Elemental Delta as MPEG-DASH, where they are packaged and saved as live to video-on-demand assets and stored on Amazon S3, or local storage. Once a video asset is created and formatted according to storage requirements, users can quickly access the video for review and editing. Further, the solution allows users to overlay video and imagery against an integrated mapping component, extract KLV metadata, as well as generate advanced geospatial products and reports.

“The integration of the SeeGEO platform with the AWS cloud-based services, provides a tactically deployable exploitation capability by bringing together the best-in-breed for manual exploitation tools, with best-in-breed video services, on a portable device,” says Madden.

The SeeGEO platform integrated with AWS cloud-based services are on display at the GEOINT Symposium in San Antonio in the Textron Systems booth (#1239) from June 3-5, 2019.