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Textron Systems’ Cottonmouth™ utilizes vehicle electronics, supported with a system-integration lab

June 29, 2023

Textron Systems’ purpose-built Cottonmouth™ Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle (ARV) is a cutting-edge platform, designed to detect and defend against a wide array of threats present both now and in the future.

Utilizing advanced vehicle electronics (vetronics), the Cottonmouth ARV is filled with leading technology developed for unrivaled versatility and mobility. Equipped with a UAS, counter-IED and counter UAS systems, as well as a variety of sensors, this vehicle incorporates a wholistic integration approach. The Cottonmouth meets the program requirements across the entirety of the vehicle to reduce vehicle size and weight while maintaining power. Featuring a dual display on a single pane of glass, each screen allows for cross domain integration with each seat providing access into any virtual workstation.

In addition to the exceptional vetronics, our ARV is also supported with a state-of-the-art system integration lab (SIL). The SIL is a mock-up designed for testing and development of various systems that will be implemented and utilized inside of the Cottonmouth ARV. Delivered to the U.S. government in 2022, the Textron Systems SIL is working alongside the government to support early risk reduction testing, resulting in stronger vehicle prototyping. This virtual environment allows for improved adaptability, allowing our team to quickly pivot and adjust to develop the design that will best support our Marines and the mission sets they support.

To learn more about this platform and the incredible technology inside our Cottonmouth ARV visit us at booth 2437 during the Modern Day Marine tradeshow.

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