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Textron Systems’ Cottonmouth® equips the U.S. Marine Corps for the future of the battlefield with cutting-edge sensor technology

May 13, 2024

With an ever-changing battlefield, our Cottonmouth® Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle (ARV) equips the U.S. Marine Corps with a purpose-built vehicle solution designed to stay ahead and support the seamless integration for today and tomorrow’s technology.

One of the key features of the Cottonmouth ARV is its Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) design, allowing low-risk integration of any battle command software. This feature ensures that the USMC have prompt, virtual access to real-time data and situational awareness, giving them a decisive edge on the battlefield.

Textron Systems’ system integration lab (SIL) further facilitates the USMC’s steadfast force with a modern technological ARV. Our team is working alongside the U.S. government to support updated design and early system evaluation for requirements maturity. The SIL tests and develops various systems to enhance the adaptability and unrivaled versatility of the Cottonmouth ARV.

Our Cottonmouth ARV paves the way for the future of battlefield communication and reconnaissance for the U.S. Marine Corps while meeting the program schedule and customer requirements. By providing Marines with the tools they need to succeed in a dynamic and unpredictable environment, our Cottonmouth ARV is setting a new standard for military vehicles and ensuring that the USMC remains a formidable force on the battlefield.

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