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Textron Systems' Cottonmouth™: Alpha vs. Prototype

June 28, 2023

Purpose-built for the U.S. Marine Corps Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle (ARV) program, our Cottonmouth™ ARV has been developed to support the mission of our customers. In 2021, we released our Alpha prototype, which has since undergone stringent testing and modifications, leading to the vehicle’s current, lower risk, version— the Cottonmouth ARV in command, control, communications, computers/unmanned aircraft system (C4UAS) configuration.

Leveraging our decades of experience working on military vehicles, the Cottonmouth C4UAS was specifically designed to provide superior maneuverability while offering a synergized sensor system to make reconnaissance missions easier than ever. With high-powered data processing, target recognition software and a heavy-duty suspension designed for off-road travel, the Cottonmouth C4UAS is a force to be reckoned with.

Taking information found from the initial Alpha prototype tests, the C4UAS consists of an improved, lower risk design. We are continuously working to learn from our tests and improve design as well as significantly reduce risk to the warfighter. We look forward to continuing the testing and improving process in support of the USMC’s Force Design 2030, which is what we have done throughout the development of the Cottonmouth.

The Cottonmouth C4UAS was recently delivered to the United States Marine Corps, which has been putting the vehicle through its paces over the past several months as part of their evaluation process. We have created a platform with advanced technologies and maneuverability allowing the Prototype Variant to take on the Marine Corps’ reconnaissance missions, making them easier than ever. We are excited to see what the future holds for the Cottonmouth and the Marine Corps.

Approved for public release. Distribution is unlimited.