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A look into next-generation simulation: 5 advanced capabilities of the A²PATS® simulator

March 4, 2024
A2PATS® Family of Products
Test, Training &

Our A²PATS® is the most technically advanced, fully modular and easiest to use Electromagnetic Environment Simulator, built upon our open-architecture direct digital synthesizer technology. The A2PATS generates simultaneous simulation of phase, amplitude and time angle of arrival for precise, accurate testing in the lab, range or chamber.

Historically, A2PATS was only used to stimulate Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) systems and test radar warning receivers, but the technology has evolved to support additional intelligence disciplines and sensors. A2PATS is now an architecture consisting of an entire family of products with a wide variety of capabilities, allowing customers to tailor level of support from the system to fit their performance and readiness requirements.

Electro-Optical Infrared (EO/IR) Simulation

Advanced Architecture EO Stimulator (A2EOSTIM) is part of the A2PATS family of products and simulates the IR Imagery a Distributed Aperture System (DAS) would observe. It then converts this imagery to the required proprietary message to inject into the image processor of the system under test (SUT).

Communication Intelligence (COMINT) System Simulation

A²PATS can produce several thousand simultaneous COMINT signals with the same RF source used to create electronic intelligence (ELINT) signals. The simulated signals are individually controlled in phase, amplitude, time and doppler. This capability allows for the generation of high fidelity Comms and/or Radar signals with the same A2PATS system.

Long-Range Simulation

Users can take their A²PATS simulations to the training range by using our High-Power Portable Range Threat Simulator (HPRTS). Utilizing the same synthetic stimulus instrument (SSI) signal generators and portable data format as A²PATS, the HPRTS allows users to project those signals up to 20 miles away. The system can also be equipped with multi-spectral EO/IR threat generators to simulate a complete surface-to-air missile (SAM) engagement. Simulated EO/IR threats encompass any combination of ultraviolet missile engagements; one-color and two-color infrared missile engagements; and laser threats including Laser Beamriders (LBR), Laser Rangefinders (LRF) and Laser Designators (LDs).

High Fidelity Integrated Air Defense System (IADS) Simulation

A²PATS has integrated its User Interface with the high fidelity IADS signal environment FORTRIS (Force-on-Force Reactive Tactical Readiness IADS Simulation). FORTRIS provides a coherent multi-layered IADS simulation capable of simulating unlimited layers of command-and-control hierarchy. This integration allows the A2PATS to bring another level of fidelity to the signal environment and scenario driven test.

Streaming I/Q

A²PATS Streaming IQ to RF combines In-Phase and Quadrature (I/Q) signals with the simulated data generated from the A2PATS SimEngine, and uses the Advanced Architecture Data Recorder/Injector (A2DRI) technology to create and condition Pulse descriptor words (PDWs) and IQ for transmit, environmental and receive effects. The newly designed A2DRI creates digital PDW and IQ data, and sends to a signal source to create a modulated RF. The RF energy is sent out from our SSI to the SUT, allowing for near-real-time playback of signals and rapid reprogramming for the SUT. This technology gives customers the potential ability to meet future cognitive EW test or training needs, allows them to train at speed and depth with coherent, real-time streaming I/Q generation, and allows for stimulation of onboard equipment by emulating a tuner/receiver.