Border Security


Textron Systems mission solutions provide customers with a full suite of products to assess border vulnerabilities, conduct surveillance of critical crossings, verify threats and respond to intrusions with the appropriate amount of force.

When monitoring vast border areas, Textron Systems products allow analysts to identify areas of vulnerability through geospatial imagery analysis and fusion of intel reporting. Leaders can then intelligently task aerial assets to seek out intruders.

Security agencies use RemoteView to analyze geospatial imagery in order to assess large geographic areas and identify points of vulnerability or suspicious activity.

Feature Analyst™
Quickly extract and analyze features from geospatial imagery
3D Pro
Identify infrastructure vulnerability & damage with 3-D Pro
Exploit full motion video, including visualization, annotation and product generation
Shadow® V2

Based on initial analysis, deploy the Shadow UAV to conduct persistent overhead surveillance of critical land features to stay ahead of illegal activity at your border.

9 hours
Max Wingspan
20.4 feet
6.2 meters
95 pounds
43 kilograms
125 kilometers (Line of Sight)
Axis Pro®

Fuse Multi-INT reporting with Axis Pro to analyze and visualize complex threats.  Axis Pro helps analysts conduct temporal, spatial and behavioral analysis to stay ahead of illegal activity.  Reporting can be instantly fed to the iCommand® system for complete situational awareness.

Analyzed information in detailed case files
Full-featured analysis and visualization tool
Interoperates with temporal, pattern & geospatial analysis tools
Layered ISR capabilities allow for tipping and queuing of assets. Based on UAV feeds and fusion of multi-INT reporting, queue additional aerial assets to verify the threat.
Shadow V2 Armed w/ Fury®

Based on real-time reporting and analysis, dynamically task the Shadow UAS to home in on the threat.  In the future, users have the option to arm the Shadow with the Fury guided weapon system for immediate action, as needed.

Guidance System
SAASM GPS/INS with Semi-Active Laser Seeker
Gross Weight (LB)
13 pounds
Tri-Mode Fuze
With real-time situational awareness, leaders can deploy response teams with precision to neutralize any threat.

Arm your response teams with real-time aerial imagery and intelligence via OSRVT.  This system allows first responders in the air and on the ground to have the latest operational view of the battlefield for precision response.

Ruggedized Tablet
Interchangeable hardware elements & customizable software
Up to LOI 3+ bi-directional control
Portable hardware and software system

Mounted responders will see aerial surveillance in the dashboard of their COMMANDO armored vehicles, and dismounted teams remain connected to intel feeds via RT2®. The Commando armored vehicle supports both crew and commander in a force reconnaissance situation with its mobility, survivability and lethality.

62 mph
100 kph
@40 mph - 400 miles (644 km)
Up to 10 (3 crew plus passengers)
Ground Clearance
26 in
660 mm