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Commando® Family of Products

Enhanced combination of lethality, survivability, mobility and sustainability

Commando Family of Products


Textron Systems' COMMANDO® family of armored vehicles features the ultimate package of combat-proven lethality, survivability, mobility and sustainability. The modern design protects troops within a comfortable interior during engagements. Whether serving as a combat-proven infantry fighting vehicle (IFV), performing reconnaissance or as a command-and-control vehicle, COMMANDO® vehicles are ready for action. With a wide range of configurations, it is also a proven ambulance, armored personnel carrier (APC) and support utility vehicle.


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    COMMANDO® Select
    COMMANDO® Elite
    COMMANDO® Vanguard
COMMANDO® Vanguard

Tested and proven in the toughest environments, Textron Systems' COMMANDO® Select gives operators the ability to go almost anywhere and perform nearly any mission. Our vehicles are designed to be easy to operate and maintain with readily available parts, training and service support.

COMMANDO® Elite vehicles are highly protected and capable vehicles, providing superior direct-fire and mine blast protection. These vehicles come equipped with our latest drive train enhancements, making them fast and highly maneuverable in a wide range of environments.


  • Digital backbone for vehicle systems monitoring and future electronics expansion
  • Accommodates nearly any remote weapon station available - single or dual weapon mix
  • Superior direct-fire and mine-blast protection with V-shaped monocoque hull
  • Drivetrain enhancements for superior mobility in a wide range of environments
  • Equipped with multiple sensors and weapons options for added lethality

Offering a low-cost, advanced solution for a variety of missions including border patrol, transporting personnel or intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), the COMMANDO Vanguard is the newest addition to our COMMANDO Family of Vehicles. It provides the expected mobility and inherent reliability of a COMMANDO with the flexibility of affordable customization. Backed by our hands-on aftermarket support services, the 4x4 COMMANDO Vanguard is a useful ally in achieving mission success.


APC with Turret

Adds additional firepower with multiple turret options available



Provides ballistic and blast protection to the medical crew during patient treatment and transport


Mortar Vehicle

Provides flexible and adaptable indirect fire capabilities; fires shells up to 120 mm



Max Seating 3 crew, 7 personnel 2 crew, 4 personnel 3 crew, 7 personnel
Gross Vehicle Weight 39,915 lbs
(18,100 kg)
40,700 lbs
(18,460 kg)
31,500 lbs
(14,288 kg)
Armaments Options available Options available Options available
Speed 62 mph 
(100 kpg)
65 mph 
(105 kph)
62 mph 
(100 kph)
Range 400 mi @ 40 mph
(644 km @ 64 kph)
400 mi @ 50 mph
(644 km @ 80 kph)
400 mi @ 40 mph
(644 km @ 64 kph)
Engine Cummins 6CTA8.3 Cummins QSL 365 Cummins QSL 365
Vertical Wall 22 in (560 mm) 24 in (610 mm) 22 in (560 mm)
Gradient/Side Slope 60%/30% 60%/30% 60%/30%
Fording 60 in (1,524 mm) 60 in (1,524 mm) 60 in (1,524 mm)

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