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One System® Remote Video Terminal



The One System® Remote Video Terminal (OSRVT) delivers full-motion video, images and critical geospatial data from a variety of sources directly to the warfighter’s fingertips. Today, we are delivering the next-generation OSRVT to U.S. Army, Marine Corps and Special Operations Forces customers, equipped with bidirectional capability, upgraded software architecture and a more user-friendly interface.

  • Portable hardware and software system including antennas, a multi-band transceiver and ruggedized computer
  • U.S. Army program of record, also utilized by the U.S. Marine Corps and Special Operations Command
  • Delivers full-motion video, images and geospatial data from a variety of sources
  • Annotated map views using standard geographic information systems products, and JPEG and NITF image files
  • Service-oriented architecture for rapid insertion of new features and technologies



AH-64 Apache Helicopter, MQ-1C Gray Eagle UAS, MQ-8C Fire Scout®, MQ-9 Reaper UAS, RQ-21 Blackjack UAS, Aerosonde® UAS, Scan Eagle UAS, PTDS Aerostats, MARSS ISR Fixed Wing, Plus many other crewed & uncrewed systems


Tactical, Digital Data Link (DDL), Tactical Common Data Link (TCDL), Analog, Vortex Native Waveform (VNW), Bandwidth-Efficient Common Data Link (BE-CDL), Digital Video Broadcasting – Terrestrial (DVB-T)

Frequency Bands:

L-Band, C-Band, S-Band, Ku-Band


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Soldier Portable OSRVT™ (SPOT)

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