Advanced Architecture Phase Amplitude and Time Simulator (A2PATS®)

Advanced Architecture Phase Amplitude and Time Simulator (A2PATS®)

Generates high fidelity threat emitters in a high density environment
Plug and play modular design for system flexibility
Modern User Interface
Generate next generation threat emitters with complex AESA antenna scans
Advanced direct port architecture with continuous real-time alignment
RF Source
Textron Systems SSIs
Up to 8 SSIs per port
Operating Frequency Range
20 MHz – 22GHz continuous
40GHz option
Pulse Density
Up to 16MPPS
Generating complex threat emitter simulations for numerous military EW platforms

A2PATS® is designed to verify that U.S. and allied aircraft electronic warfare systems have the ability to precisely locate, identify and defend against virtually all ground based, surface to air missile threats. A2PATS® is a plug and play, continuously aligned system that uses identical phase-coherent, direct digital Synthetic Stimulus Instruments (SSI) as the radio frequency (RF) source for all signals.


Pulse Range Interval
512nd to 1.0 s/20 ps+-1.0ns
Pulse Width Range
24ns to 1.0s/20 ps+-1.0ns
Spurs & Harmonics
-60dBc (typ)/-55 dBc (max)
Noise Floor
-90 dBm/MHz (No Signal Present)
Frequency Resolution/ Accuracy
0.022º/1.7º RMS
Direct Inject or radiated testing
Wideband 1.1GHz Chirp option