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Radio Frequency Scoring Tool



The Radio Frequency (RF) Scoring Tool (RFST) takes the guess work out of RF environment simulation. During RF environment simulation, the RFST provides clear persistent scoring and recording of the RF simulator’s performance. The RFST digitizes all RF signals in the form of digital Pulse Descriptor Words (PDWs) and associated In-phase/Quadrature (I-Q) data. This massive data stream is recorded for later (Post-Scenario) Analysis. Additionally, the RFST provides a real-time visual display of the accuracy of the RF output, easily visible through straight forward real-time indicators. The post analysis tool set allows an unlimited number of users to simultaneously assess previous RF simulator performance with compelling visual representations. The RFST is a perfect complement to our A2PATS product line offering everything you need for comprehensive environment simulation and analysis.


Additional Features:

  • Know immediately how accurately RF outputs match commanded PDWs
  • Record hours of high-fidelity I/Q data for post-analysis
  • Allows multiple users post process RF Data simultaneously
  • Bank switching allows RF to be recorded while previous run is being offloaded and analyzed
  • Analysis of PDWs and associated BDIF frequency-domain, time-domain, and modulation domain data
  • Visualization of PDWs, amplitude, frequency, frequency shift, pulse width, PRI, MOP, spectrum, waterfall, and histograms
  • Deinterleaving and filtering of pulsed data in real time
  • Queue up I/Q data from corresponding PDW for real-time validation and detailed analysis
  • Clearly view pulse summary, statistics and histogram
  • Overall Pass/Fail indication for each PDW


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RF Scoring Tool (RFST)


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