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5 Key Features of the RIPSAW® M3 to Support Your Uncrewed Mission Sets

June 27, 2024

Our RIPSAW® M3 robotic vehicle offers today’s warfighters a purpose-built, autonomous solution for tomorrow’s battlefield, designed to meet the U.S. Army’s requirements. It is undeniable that technological advancements are driving revolutionary changes to the battlefield, increasing the need for advanced capabilities for future formations.

The M3 is the latest generation platform within our RIPSAW family of vehicles and brings robotic technology to the forefront of modern military operations. Explore some of the key features of the M3 and how it can support your uncrewed mission sets.

1. Member of a Family of Vehicles

As a member of our RIPSAW family of vehicles, the M3 boasts rugged reliability developed through years of rigorous testing as it incorporates common characteristics of its larger sibling, the RIPSAW M5. With the same flat deck concept and its powerful 10kW of offload capability backed by Textron Systems’ decades of successful experience in the designing, manufacturing, fielding and supporting of ground military vehicles, our M3 assists the needs of modern combat.

2. Payload Integration Readiness

The M3 robotic vehicle is designed to readily, and easily, integrate autonomy and control software, as well as a multitude of payloads, ranging from Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) to combat engineering and logistics. This key feature of the M3 allows it to add capability to any formation while reducing risk for troops on the ground. Moreover, the modular design enables it to quickly adapt to changing battlefield scenarios.

3. Transportable

Designed with transportability in mind, the M3 is prepared to back your uncrewed mission sets through internal loading on a CH-47 aircraft and in standard rail containers. With the M3, rapid deployment and protection against the next fight is made possible through its deliberate sizing.

4. Multi-Mission Capable Chassis

It is worth noting the multi-mission capable chassis of our M3 robotic vehicle, as it supports the ease of transportability and enables lethality and safety to the warfighter with its 5000lbs. payload capacity.

5. Purpose-Built for Autonomous Solutions

Our M3 robotic vehicle is delivered purpose-built for incorporation of autonomy. The design of the M3 anticipates the inevitable hardware and software improvements that accompany technological advancements with autonomous platforms, with margin for growth. Thus, reducing the cost of potential modifications and upgrades in the future.

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