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Textron Systems’ Common Unmanned Surface Vehicle (CUSV) is the system of choice for the U.S. Department of Defense’s first unmanned surface vehicle program of record. Check out the CUSV at sea during recent trials, and learn more about Textron Systems’ continued development of this multi-mission platform. Read more
Mobile digital devices pervade every area of modern life, from mobile phones and vehicle smart consoles to the array of devices utilized in the typical workplace. The military is no different; in fact, military research and development often leads to the most profound consumer technology advances. Read more
Learn more about EW as Textron Systems Electronic Systems Senior Vice President & General Manager Steve Mensh discusses the electromagnetic spectrum as a now and-future critical battlespace. Read more
Contractor logistics support (CLS) is growing both domestically and internationally, providing tailored approaches for military assets at every stage of the product life cycle. Read more
The Mobile Strike Force Vehicle (MSFV) is a 4x4 armored vehicle that was developed by Textron Systems Marine & Land Systems for the Afghanistan National Army (ANA). Read more
Growers consistently say that the most challenging aspect in agriculture is price volatility. While ‘forward contracting’ can remove some of the unknowns, growers must consistently produce crop yield at a cost that generates sustainable returns in a variety of foreseeable price environments. Read more
Textron Systems Cased Telescoped (CT) Weapons and Ammunition reduce the warfighter’s burden by up to 40 percent without reducing lethality. Visit Textron Systems at the 2017 AUSA Annual Meeting Booth #2025 for an immersive CT Weapons and Ammunition virtual experience. Read more
Ahead of the 2017 AUSA Annual Meeting, Textron Systems Advanced Information Solutions General Manager Daryl Madden discusses emerging technology and contract vehicle trends. Read more
Textron Systems is proud to sponsor the Battle Challenge obstacle course at the Association of the U.S. Army's Annual Meeting and Exposition. Competitions will begin at 9 a.m. on Monday, October 9, and will run through October 11. Participants will take on a grueling course including multiple obstacles and tests of speed, strength and accuracy. Meet Textron Systems at AUSA 2017 and experience the Challenge! Read more
Join us at the United States' largest Army trade show to learn more about our renowned unmanned aircraft, smart weapon systems and advanced software solutions, designed to build readiness for the multi-domain battlefield. Read more