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Universal Test Set

Universal Test Set


The Universal Test Set (UTS) is a portable, battery-powered, programmable, ruggedized radio frequency test set designed to validate improvised explosive device (IED) jamming equipment. Our unit is intended to provide an in-field confidence testing for warfighters employing IED jammers prior to departure.

  • Validates IED jamming equipment
  • Executes preprogrammed test sequences replicating threats
  • Simultaneously measures and analyzes background electromagnetic environment
  • Uses timing protocol to determine operational status of the unit under test

Additional Features:

  • Frequency
    • Bands A, B and C
  • Operating Time
    • 8 hours continuous
  • Display
    • Direct sunlight and night vision compatible
  • Transportability
    • Commercial or air carrier
  • Operating Temperature
    • -20 to 140 °F (-28.8 to 60 °C)


Product Part Number
Universal Test Set (UTS) AN/GLM -11 V(1)

NSN 5865-01-580-1528


Universal Test Set (UTS) AN/GLM -11 V(2) 39895-40010-20
Ruggedized Laptop for UTS



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