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Firefighting robot



Thermite is the most capable, durable and reliable firefighting robot on the market. Engineered and manufactured by Howe & Howe, Thermite was designed as an advanced tool to help operators combat fires safely and efficiently. By creating standoff, Thermite allows operators to remotely operate the robot from a safe distance. The bellypack controller provides high-definition video feedback for ultimate maneuverability in difficult conditions.


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    Thermite™ RS1
    Thermite™ RS3
Thermite™ RS1
Thermite™ RS3

Unsurpassed Mobility with Maximum Standoff

Thermite RS1 is easy to maneuver, has the agility to climb stairs and the ability to output a maximum 1,250 gpm at 200 psi. Fabricated using durable construction-grade components, the RS1 can navigate challenging terrains and withstand exposure to extreme elements.

Thermite RS1

For more information, please visit Howe & Howe.

Maximum Standoff with an Output of 2,500 Gallons per Minute

The Thermite RS3 is a super-high volume, low center of gravity, wide chassis, industrial firefighting robot. The RS3’s modular design and wider stance allows additional equipment to be incorporated, including a plow assembly and positive pressure ventilation (PPV) ventilator. The RS3 has the power to push vehicles from its path and pull up to 8,000 pounds with its winch. Fabricated using industrial-grade steel reinforced rubber tracks, RS3 can navigate rugged terrain and withstand exposure to the extreme elements.

Thermite RS3

Optional Attachments

  • Positive pressure ventilation (PPV) ventilator 
  • Plow assembly

For more information, please visit Howe & Howe.



Thermite™ RS1

Thermite™ RS3


1,250 gpm

2,500 gpm


77.25 in

84.25 in


44 in

65.6 in


64 in

64.5 in


1,600 lb

3,500* depending on attachments


24 HP Kohler KDW1003

36.8 HP Yanmar 3TNV88C


5,000 lb

8,000 lb


Over 300-500 m

Over 300-500 m


6 mph

8 mph