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Extreme Mobility, Decisive Lethality...Wingman Ready



Bringing together speed of innovation and proven program execution, the M5 is ready for the fight. M5 is the 5th generation of RIPSAW providing speed, mobility and unmanned capability. The M5 can silently maneuver and keep pace with the current and future maneuver forces, pushing capabilities beyond the human formation.

Key Benefits

  • Proven robotic control and interfaces
  • Hardened wireless connection
  • Scalable/configurable armor, suspension and final drives
  • Open architecture
  • TeledyneFLIR 360-degree perception technology
  • Modular flat deck


Teledyne FLIR 360-Degree Situational Awareness

Teledyne FLIR 360-Degree Situational Awareness

  • The SUMIT 360 provides seamless EO and IR image composites for 360-degree situational awareness for remote vehicle operations
  • Open architecture supports Artificial Intelligence to detect and identify objects surrounding vehicle
  • Based on low-cost technology matured for the automotive industry making this an affordable DVE solution

Photo used with permission of Teledyne FLIR® Defense

Teledyne FLIR® optionally-tethered UAS

Teledyne FLIR R80D SkyRaider UAS

  • Uses the optionally tethered R80D SkyRaiderTM unmanned aircraft system for persistent flight and target detection and identification
  • Configurability between tethered and untethered modes enables a user to decide how best to use the system, based on mission needs
  • Incorporates one of the fastest, most powerful embedded AI computing devices available on an sUAS for target ID at the edge

Photo used with permission of Teledyne FLIR® Defense

Teledyne FLIR® Marsupial Unmanned Ground Vehicle


  • The Marsupial Unmanned Ground Vehicle (MUGV) robot deploys directly from the M5 to deliver route reconnaissance and target interrogation
  • With 1000 meter range, the MUGV adds another level of standoff and warning for the warfighter

Photo used with permission of Teledyne FLIR® Defense

Teledyne FLIR® Surveillance System

Teledyne FLIR TacFLIR 280-HDEP

  • TheTacFLIR® 280-HDEP Medium Range HD Multi-Spectral Surveillance System allows allows operators to really reach out and positively ID threats, providing even greater standoff distance than if using only a tethered UAS
  • Built-in AI to help identify threats at maximum distance, giving troops a tactical edge

Photo used with permission of Teledyne FLIR® Defense


Combat Weight 10.5 t
Dimensions (LxWxH) 234x105x59.5 in
Speed 25+ mph
Payload Capacity 8,000 lb

Multi-Domain Mission

Ripsaw M5 General Payload

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