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Radio Frequency Cable Analyzer Tester



Textron Systems’ Radio Frequency Cable Analyzer Tester (RFCAT) allows for on-site testing and maintenance for radio frequency (RF) transmission paths within a platform. Using preconfigured databases of sweep parameters and pass/fail criteria, the RFCAT quickly determines the status of installed RF cables. The RFCAT checks each cable’s performance characteristics to include voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR), insertion loss (IL), phase and phase matching. If a cable fails a test, the RFCAT automatically determines the distance-to-fault (DTF). With its intuitive touchscreen-based user interface and lightweight, ruggedized packaging, the RFCAT is the gold standard for operational-level RF cable testing.



Begin testing in less than five minutes

Measurements include:

  • Precision IL
  • VSWR
  • Phase
  • Phase Match
  • Distance-to-fault

Test on-site without dependence on manufacturing or repair facilities

Full 2-port vector error correction

Test in outdoor and remote locations, regardless of weather

Ability to load predetermined database with sweep parameters and pass/fail criteria

Learn the system quickly and run tests efficiently

Intuitive touchscreen interface with step-by-step instructions

Maintain history and reports without manually creating records



Product Name

Part Number

RF Cable Analyzer Tester


Radio Frequency Cable Tester (RFCT)


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