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PC-Based Reconfigurable Inner Ship Modeling



Textron Systems' PRISM is used to model the user’s platform under training, providing the student the ability to “see” the environment surrounding the equipment. With PRISM, users can script malfunctions, set initial conditions, supply evaluation results, and allow the equipment layout to be tailored to meet training objectives, which more closely matches a real-platform configuration. PRISM can be seamlessly combined with FORTRIS™, which provides the comprehensive physical and electromagnetic environment outside the platform, giving the user a complete, end-to-end training experience.

  • Comprehensive scenario development system
  • Customizable for communications, navigation, and electronic warfare (EW) equipment on multiple platforms
  • Integrated third-party visual and sensor simulations and databases
  • Performance assessment and evaluation system
  • Intelligent after-action review systems


Simulation Fully integrated Air Defense System Simulation with signal environment
Hardware Operates on standard commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) PC hardware;
houses the environment of more than 200 internal equipment models
Modeling Supports second- and third-order effects
Signal Supports thousands of simultaneous signals


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