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Hydra laser warning receiver test set



Textron Systems' Hydra test set is used to stimulate laser warning receiver systems. It is a rugged, battery-operated test set that can be handheld or supported on a simple tripod.

The Hydra v3 contains two near-infrared (IR) pulsed lasers, with the Hydra v4 housing an additional continuous wave (CW) near-IR laser.  Our Hydra test sets can simulate a number of laser threats including beam riders, target designators and range finders.

  • Optional software management package called the Hydra Configuration Utility
  • Small, lightweight design for easy transport
  • Multiple threat simulation options


Product Part Number
Hydra v3 EU00036-03 FG
Hydra v4 EU00036-04 FG
Hydra SIL EU00036-41 FG


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