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Baringa IR/UV

Missile warning system test set



Baringa is a handheld, ruggedized aircraft survivability test set used to stimulate the electro-optic sensor suites on various aircraft platforms. Available in ultraviolet (UV) as well as one-color or two-color infrared (IR), Baringa simulates dynamic multi-engagement profiles and is easily reprogrammable to meet user testing needs.

  • Ultraviolet (UV) and One-Color/Two-Color Infrared (IR) Variants
  • Compatible with All Fielded Missile Warning Systems
  • Lightweight (~4 kg Including Battery)
  • Long Battery Life (~500 Engagements per Charge; Internal Rechargeable)
  • Ruggedization (ATEX Compliant; MIL 28800 PRF; DEF STAN 66-31)


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Baringa IR
Baringa UV

Our Infrared (IR) Baringa is a confidence test set used to stimulate one-or two-color IR missile warning systems. A rugged, battery-operated test set that can be handheld or supported on a simple tripod, the IR Baringa is programmed to radiate spectral and temporal, classified and unclassified missile IR plume signatures. It can be operated from typical standoff ranges of 5-15 meters (m) or 15-50 feet from the missile warning system.

  • Programmed to radiate spectral and temporal, IR missile plume signatures
  • Operational in various environments
  • Lightweight for ease of use
  • Management software package available for creating and downloading test templates

Our Ultraviolet (UV) Baringa is a pre-mission flight line confidence test set designed to stimulate UV missile warning systems. As a ruggedized, military specification product, the Baringa can also be used to measure the sensitivity of the missile warner under test. It can be operated from typical standoff ranges of 5-15 meters or 15-50 feet from the missile warning system.

  • Allows programming of complex, multiple-missile engagement profiles or a combination of simulated missile engagements and flare burns
  • Can be user-programmed to include various confidence profiles to test all fielded missile warning systems
  • Lightweight and battery operated




Part Number

UV Baringa 5.5 Kit 3


Baringa 5.5 ATEX


Baringa IR


EU00038-02-FG (one color) EU00035-01-FG (two color)

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