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Matt Morris
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Using Motivation as Fuel and Embracing Change with Matt Morris

August 22, 2018

With more than 17 years of experience, Matt Morris, Geospatial Solutions Director of Engineering, understands the importance of adaptability. Morris began his career as a software engineer on a team that developed Feature Analyst™ and LIDAR Analyst™, two integral imagery software solutions, that are still widely used by Geospatial Solutions’ customers today. Since beginning his career, Morris has held roles overseeing geospatial modules and integrated solutions.

When the chance to move across the country arose last year, Morris knew he had to take the new opportunity. “I was asked to move from our office in Missoula, Mont. to the Sterling, Va. office so I could have more exposure and access to our customers. It was the right choice because it has allowed me to make a greater impact on our products and positioned me to work closely with the team and our customers,” Morris explained.

At the start of 2018, the merging of Textron Systems’ Electronic Systems and Geospatial Solutions businesses presented a new opportunity for Morris to step into his current role of Director of Engineering. Morris is now responsible for overseeing the development of the business’ core products as well as new product development and execution. “A few years ago, I never would have expected that I would be in this role but taking on new challenges and responsibilities made it possible,” Morris shared. “Don’t be afraid to take an opportunity because it seems overwhelming or outside of your comfort zone. The willingness to accept challenging projects can really set you apart and show you truly are a leader within the company,” he continued.

As a leader, Morris works with his team to ensure core products are continuously evaluated and innovated to meet the needs of current customers. Geospatial Solutions’ flagship product, RemoteView™, remains a key priority for Morris and his team. “We must update and deliver RemoteView to meet the customers’ evolving needs because they rely on our software every day to complete critical functions,” Morris explained.

As the company grows and expands into other markets, Morris’ team continues to identify solutions that meet the needs of both governmental and commercial customers. “We must be prepared for emerging technology trends such as big data and automation,” Morris stated. The integration of Electronic Systems and Geospatial Solutions has given Morris and his team additional resources to meet their customers’ current and future needs. “We now have additional program management support and a larger team with additional knowledge and talent. The true benefits have yet to show themselves. As we continue down the road, we’ll see opportunities to present a true integrated solution,” Morris explained.

Reflecting on what motivates his team, Morris shared, “One of the coolest things about Geospatial Solutions is that we have employees who’ve been here for a long time because they enjoy what we do and the products we develop. When we’re able to see that our software is used for critical functions by soldiers in the field, it gives you a sense of pride. It motivates you to work hard to make sure our products work and work well for our customers.”

Looking forward, as Geospatial Solutions continues to grow as a business, Morris will look to add additional products and capabilities to meet emerging needs. Morris explained, “Long term, I’m not sure what’s next but hope to be with the company for 17 more years. There’s a lot of great opportunities within Textron Systems and Textron; we build a lot of different products that serve different users and industries, so the possibilities are endless.”