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Meet Austin - Project Manager

Employee Highlight Series
March 8, 2021

What are your primary responsibilities on your team?

Since I joined Textron Systems in 2015, I have had the pleasure of being part of the A2PATS® team. In my current role as a Project Manager, I am mainly responsible for the internal delivery of our commercial systems to various Program of Record and Research and Development teams. From a fundamental standpoint, this entails managing our overarching production schedule and prioritizing work between the various product lines – all while maintaining an approved budget. A great deal of the role requires constant interaction with our Supply Chain, Operations, Finance, Engineering, Contracts, and Business Development functions.

What do you like about working on this team?

One aspect that stands out to me on the A2PATS team is the pure dedication and passion that each team member has for not only the product, but also toward each other. This is one of the main factors that has helped drive our product line growth and success. Another joy is the varying nature of our work and how each day presents a fresh set of challenges to solve.

What advice would you give to a new hire joining this team?

Two pieces of advice to a new hire joining the team would be to:

  1. Remain positive and motivated, even when the cards are stacked against the team.
  2. Learn from mistakes and setbacks, and work proactively to avoid repeating them.

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