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Expanding Your Career Horizon Across Functions

August 7, 2018

Lycoming Engines’ Senior Manager, Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Hannah Peachey is always ready to take on the next challenge. Whether it’s her everyday role or next career move, Peachey is eager to learn with each new opportunity.

Peachey has worked at Lycoming since she began her career as an intern in the Finance department. Upon graduation, she accepted a full-time role in Finance, where she worked for one year. She then moved into Operations as a Cycle Count Analyst overseeing inventory control, and then stepped into the role of Senior Production Planner. She then transitioned into Manager, EAM prior to her current role. “Having roles across multiple functions has allowed me to learn different areas of the business. It’s exciting to join new teams because there is so much knowledge you can gain,” Peachey shared.

In her present role as Senior Manager, EAM and EHS, Peachey works with various functions and teams to maintain an efficient and smooth-running facility. This includes making sure preventative maintenance is done on machinery, assets are being handled properly, incoming equipment meets requirements and much more. “What makes it interesting is that there are no typical days,” Peachy explained.

“No one day is the same. Being able to adapt and change direction quickly in this role has proven beneficial,” she elaborated. But Peachey starts each day with team meetings on the shop floor and in production to connect on objectives and issues. What follows is always different. “After team stand ups, I may have meetings about a new initiative or need to locate spare parts, or ensure a piece of equipment is operating properly. Each day always unfolds differently,” she shared.

Peachey explained her passion for taking on roles in new functions, “I’ve always been a person who likes to learn new things and am curious to how the business runs. I always want to understand the different facets of the business and how they come together to operate as one. My managers have understood that and have guided me, and offered me those opportunities so I can best understand the business.”

“A few of my managers have shared a great piece of advice with me, ‘Don’t be afraid of the challenges.’ They encouraged me to not let the technical aspects hold me back from taking on new roles,” Peachey shared. “I always tell our interns and new hires to take on new opportunities. The amount of opportunities is one of the best aspects of not only Lycoming but Textron as a whole. There are vast opportunities across the business to learn different aspects and take different career paths,” Peachey noted.

“I’m not sure where my next role will take me, but I know that I’m always ready to expand my knowledge and I’m not afraid to try something new,” Peachey stated.