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Team 5 Engineering Interns
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Engineering Interns Put Their Skills to the Test

August 22, 2018

Friendly competition is always a great team-building activity, as evidenced by 22 Maryland-based Unmanned Systems engineering interns who put their expertise to the test in an Engineering Intern Design Contest.

The interns were split into five teams, each team accompanied by a business leader to provide guidance and support. The teams had an hour and a half to construct bridges and vehicles out of basic office supplies.

The teams were challenged to build bridges and towers that could be traversed by their hand-made vehicles. The interns used their educational backgrounds and internship experience to build the strongest bridge and most enduring vehicle possible in 90 minutes.

When the clock stopped, leaders from Unmanned Systems judged each team on its performance. The winning team’s vehicle traveled an impressive 23.5 feet. Congratulations to all the participants, and a special thanks to our interns for their creativity and contributions this summer!

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