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Continuing to Serve: Tom

November 29, 2023

Within the ranks of Textron Systems, we’re honored to have veterans like Tom who not only understand our customers and their needs but also bring an unparalleled wealth of experience and expertise to our mission of continuous service.

Tom's journey commenced in early 2001 when he had a dual desire—to serve and embark on an adventure. This led him to join the National Guard, where he was able to get the best of both words. He’s since encountered a variety of experiences, ranging from serving as an aviation officer for special operations to mobilizing for state missions. Tom has consistently found avenues to fulfill his yearning to serve, holding distinguished positions with the National Guard over the years.

Tom has held several notable positions with the National Guard throughout the years, including Executive Officer and Director of Operations for the 29th combat operation brigade, Director of Operations for the U.S. Capital complex during the 2021 presidential inauguration and most recently, Senior Advisor to the U.S. Ambassador for all special operations in Syria and Iraq at the U.S. Embassy.

Now, Tom oversees operations for over 2,000 soldiers and is in charge of coordinating training, operations and all staff activities while CONUS. However, his work does not stop there.

Tom joined Textron Systems in 2015 and works as a Senior Program Manager for Shadow® Tactical Uncrewed Aircraft System (TUAS) engineering and services. He works with field service representatives and the flight test crew in Dugway, Utah to assist soldiers in the field with updating parts and performing maintenance at a deeper level.

“The ability to support actual deployed operations as part of the Aerosonde team and actively supporting the warfighters conducting operations has been great,” Tom said. “Seeing the impact that our products have is very fulfilling.”

Tom’s military experience has helped him in his current role in a variety of ways. While he’s a program manager for Textron Systems, his position with the National Guard also makes him a customer.

“The firsthand knowledge of what customers are dealing with and the challenges they face has allowed us to better understand how we can support,” Tom said.

Since joining the company, Tom has had several leadership education and training opportunities available to him that he has taken advantage of. However, what excites him the most are the opportunities that lie ahead.

“Working for a company like Textron Systems allows you to be on the forefront of technological advancements,” Tom said. “There are new products we’re working on that are going to bring in the next wave of uncrewed technology, whether it’s on the air, land or sea side of things. The use of uncrewed aircraft is going to get more and more prolific and as a current helicopter pilot, it’s exciting to see the technology that’s coming out.”

To learn more about career opportunities with Textron Systems, visit our Careers Page. Apply today to be a part of our dynamic team shaping the future of technology and service.