Training Services

Training Services

Operational/verification testing and validation
Training device services and sustainment
Course and curriculum development
Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Capability Maturity Model Integration ® Level 3 certified
Integrated product and process development
Curriculum Development
Embedded Training Services
Distance Learning
Interactive Multimedia Instruction
Software Model and Simulation Development
Excellence in logistics training

Training is essential to mission success and asset optimization. Our seasoned professionals work with customers to understand their requirements and develop unique, affordable and effective curricula.  Courseware solutions are built in a modular architecture so they can be tailored to unique customers and platforms, thereby minimizing both cost and time-to-delivery. Course offerings include classroom instruction, hands-on training and distance learning for a well-rounded approach to initial training and sustained concurrency.

Program Features

Courses are built w/ modular architecture
Minimize Cost
Accelerate Time-to-Delivery