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Textron Systems Geospatial Solutions offers the tools and software you need to be prepared for any mission. Remote sensing and geospatial data can identify, assess and prioritize areas affected by disasters, environmental changes or emergency situations.

Disaster Response
Port of Seattle

The Port of Seattle, similar to various ports across the globe, faces a heightened risk of terrorist attacks due to its proximity to a large metropolitan area. Potential dangers such as the arrival of merchant vessels containing Hazmat materials pose serious risks to citizens and critical infrastructures. Textron Systems' geospatial software solutions, RemoteView™, Feature Analyst™ and LIDAR Analyst™ enable key stakeholders to gather comprehensive data that allows them to identify potential risks and make informed decisions.

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Environmental Awareness
Analyzing Urban Forestry

Urban greenery, forests and other green infrastructure offer a number of environmental benefits such as mitigating heat, reducing the impact of air pollution and increasing energy efficiency. Geospatial imagery can ensure that environments are protected by identifying urban tree canopies, which informs policy-makers on the effectiveness of programs, codes and ordinances, allowing them to establish best practices for maintaining eco-friendly environments.

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Emergency Response
Oil Spill

When an environmental crisis such as an oil spill occurs, various agencies and communities must quickly come together to assess the situation and mitigate damages. Real time geospatial mapping arms response crews with the the tools needed to identify and prioritize coastal areas that have been affected. This image analysis allows first responders to identify the most impacted areas and tackle clean-up quickly and strategically.

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