Landing Craft - 1960

  • 1960s
    The Decade of Firsts
  • 1962 January 8

    Announcement of the U.S. Navy’s 22-ton, 62-foot Hydroskimmer is under contract. It is the largest air cushion vehicle ever to be constructed in the United States.

  • 1965 August 20

    The first of three SK-5 air cushion vehicles are supplied to the U.S. Navy. Naval personnel begin training in operation and maintenance of the SK-5 at the Buffalo Test Base on Lake Erie.

  • 1965 February 17

    The Federal government mass transportation project announces a passenger service between the Oakland airport, San Francisco airport and downtown San Francisco, using two SK-5 air cushion vehicles. By August 1966, the passenger service successfully logs 179,700 passenger miles and carries 13,600 passengers.

  • 1966 November 21

    Three SK-5 air cushion vehicles serving with the Navy in Vietnam take part in Operation Quai Vat (Monster) near Moc Hoa, South Vietnam, venturing into areas that were previously inaccessible.

  • 1967 March 15

    A specially instrumented SK-5 air cushion vehicle completes a historic 235-mile trip across frozen Lake Erie, marking the first time any surface vehicle has traveled the ice-clogged lake in wintertime. The SK-5 also demonstrates several days of runs between Pelee Island and the Canadian mainland.

  • 1969 January 13

    Award contract for the detail design, construction and test of the Surface Effect Ship SES-100B as well as support of Navy test operations.

  • 1969 June 11

    The SK-5 begins a six-week demonstration program for the U.S. Coast Guard in St. Petersburg, Fla., marking the first use of an air cushion vehicle by the Coast Guard.