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Terrain Shaping

Top-attack, anti-vehicle system

Terrain Shaping


Textron Systems is a trusted developer of terrain shaping solutions including the XM204 Top Attack Munition. In addition to the XM204, we are developing the next generation top attack and bottom attack munition systems. Our offerings are non-persistent and designed to minimize risk to civilians and follow on forces. They also include redundant safety measures to ensure safe and effective use, every time. Our anti-vehicle munition systems employ discriminatory targeting sensors and will engage armored vehicles to include main battle tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, and engineer breaching and mobility assets. Our systems are designed to be used in accordance with U.S. and NATO doctrine in a variety of operational scenarios. Textron Systems has more than 30 years of experience developing terrain shaping systems and supporting U.S. Army counter mobility requirements. XM204 meets operational requirements while ensuring compliance with U.S. Department of Defense policy.


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Currently in production, the XM204 top-attack, anti-vehicle munition system is the superior solution to accomplish critical counter-mobility tasks in support of terrain shaping operations. With four top attack munitions per launcher and a 100 meter diameter strike area, the XM204 is optimized to attack heavy wheeled and tracked vehicles. The XM204 has enhanced safety and risk mitigation, featuring self-destruct features, a visual safety indicator and an arming delay to allow safe separation for friendly forces. The XM204 is highly versatile and easily transportable by a multitude of ground or air vehicles with no shipping container or dunnage, ensuring minimal transportation and sustainment burden. The system is easy to learn and intuitive to use, enabling a wide variety of forces and skill sets to use it effectively. The XM204 is the only top-attack counter mobility system available to NATO.


  • Highly effective against armored and wheeled vehicle targets, including main battle tanks
  • Intuitive and easy to use; quick emplacement and arming times enable rapid obstacle creation
  • Can be employed as a stand-alone system or part of an extensive, complex obstacle field
  • Transportable in any ground vehicle or helicopter
  • Two-person lift meets reduced weight requirements
  • Operable in contested/GPS-denied environments
  • Four top attack munitions per system

U.S. Department of Defense policy compliant

XM250 is the next-generation, anti-vehicle, top-attack munition system for terrain shaping technology, which is currently in the prototype development phase for the U.S. Army. This is the first of three planned increments to improve the Army’s counter mobility capability.

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