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Lycoming Engines


Lycoming engines are built in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Lycoming Engines' Williamsport facility is focused primarily on the engineering, manufacture, assembly, test, and support of piston aircraft engines for manned and unmanned aircraft.

The Lycoming® product line is comprised of more than 700 FAA Certificated commercial aircraft engine Type Design configurations for both rotary-wing and fixed-wing applications, as well as a large number of Experimental category models. Engine horsepower ranges from 4 to 400.



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    Lycoming EL-005
    Lycoming DEL-120
    Lycoming Certificated and Non-Certificated Engines
    Lycoming IE2
Lycoming EL-005
Lycoming DEL-120
Lycoming Certificated and Non-Certificated Engines
Lycoming IE2

lycoming EL005Lycoming EL-005

  • Lycoming’s EL-005 is optimized for jet fuels and uses digital electronic controls to create a seamless flying experience.
  • Single-cylinder, air-cooled, direct-drive, spark-ignited two-stroke engine controlled by the Electronic Control Unit.
  • Produces 4 HP @ 5,500 RPM and has a dry weight of 13.8 lbs (6.25 kg).
  • Over 170,000 fielded flight hours of maturity on the Aerosonde® SUAS.

Lycoming DEL-120Lycoming DEL-120

The Lycoming DEL-120 is an in-line, four-cylinder, water-cooled, four-stroke diesel cycle, heavy fuel engine. Generating more than 200 HP of takeoff power, the DEL-120 is a FADEC controlled engine designed to run on Jet-A, Jet-A1, F-24, and JP-8 fuels.

lycoming legacy enginesLycoming Certificated and Non-Certificated Engines

Lycoming offers a complete line of FAA certified and non-certified air-cooled piston reciprocating aircraft engines from 115-400 HP in four-, six- and eight-cylinder normally aspirated or turbocharged configurations.

Lycoming IE2 engineLycoming IE2

Lycoming's “flagship” technology program, the Integrated Electronic Engine (iE2) offers revolutionary aviation grade electronic engine controls that can provide complete thermal and propulsion control of the propulsion system and unparalleled high auxiliary electrical power generation capability. With multi-mode capability, the iE2 can be customized for a variety of applications from mid-flight switchable operating behavior to multiple fuel compatibility.

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