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ISR Sensors & Advanced Area Effects

When every moment counts, we enable you to detect and identify threats, then act decisively with reliable, secure technologies.

ISR Sensors Advanced Area Effects


Textron Systems has more than 50 years of experience delivering smart, capable, human-in-the-loop intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) sensor systems and advanced area effects (AAE) munitions. These mature, proven and policy-compliant technologies defend those who defend us all.

To reliably execute their missions, warfighters require continuous situational awareness and capable assets to:

  • Detect and identify targets
  • Fix and track enemy movements
  • Apply command-and-control capabilities to target and engage enemy vehicles based on rules of engagement
  • Evaluate and assess

Our team has developed a variety of intelligent battlefield systems, including sensor and weapon technologies, to meet a variety of form factors and operational requirement, while ensuring compliance with U.S. policies, U.S. law and international treaties.


Ground-Based ISR

Sense, identify and track targets for situational awareness, including remote or unattended configurations

  • Acoustic
  • Seismic
  • Imaging
  • Low power radar
  • MASINT (measurement and signal intelligence)
  • SIGINT (signals intelligence)
Area Denial

Support a range of area denial missions using both air and ground delivery methods

  • GPS-denied operation
  • Electronic warfare (EW) countermeasures
Heavy Armor Defeat

Mature, proven technology that defeats a wide range of battlefield targets.

  • Light to heavy wheeled and tracked vehicles
  • Heavy armor, including main battle tanks
Munition Systems Command and Control

Using secure communication, we provide command-and-control capabilities scalable from local to worldwide in support of missions ranging from close- to deep-range.

  • Mission command compatibility
  • Terrestrial and satellite communications
  • Low-power, short-haul solutions
  • Safety critical
Delivery System Compatibility

All of our ISR sensors and advanced area effects technologies are compatible with a broad range of delivery systems, which provide a flexibility over the full extent of the battlefield.

  • Close: hand emplaced
  • Mid: Cannon artillery
  • Deep: Rockets/Missiles

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