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Providing confidence and reliability through total spectrum test and training solutions



MEON is an end-to-end flight line confidence test set for directional infrared (IR) countermeasure, or DIRCM, and ultraviolet (UV) missiles.  It also incorporates an IR beacon and an IR detector to provide complete, end-to-end testing, alignment checks and calibrated radiometric measurement of DIRCM.

Our rugged, battery-operated MEON can be handheld or supported on a tripod. An optional management software package is available for the creation and downloading of test templates, as well as remote control of the unit via a Recommended Standard (RS) 232 serial communication port.

  • Laser compatibility
  • Radiometric capability
  • Suppressed jam beam reflections
  • 32 test mode, missile signature and jamming code templates
  • Ruggedized, handheld design

Additional Features:

  • Dimensions
    • 350 mm x 180 mm x 150 mm
  • Operating Temperature
    • -40 to 71°C


Product Part Number
Meon V3 EU00101-03-FG
Meon V4 EU00101-04-FG

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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