Maritime Patrol


Maritime patrol ensures secure sea-based operations. Actively seek out, identify and respond to threats using aircraft, maritime vessels and imagery analysis. 

Leveraging imagery exploitation software and persistent aerial surveillance, security forces can monitor incredibly vast and complex marine environments, seeking out potential threats.

Conduct efficient aerial surveillance of critical marine channels with Aerosonde for sea-based operations.  Aerosonde can be ship-launched and recovered to patrol vast waters for suspicious activity.

14+ hours
20 pounds
9.1 kilograms
75 nautical miles
140 kilometers

Imagery data and live video feeds are constantly being sent back to control stations. Analysts can leverage these data sources by utilizing RemoteView to analyze this information for anomalies and alert authorities of areas of concern or vulnerability.

Feature Analyst™
Quickly extract and analyze features from geospatial imagery
Exploit full motion video, including visualization, annotation and product generation
3D Pro
Identify areas of concern with 3-D Pro
Once a threat is identified, time becomes any mission’s common enemy. Maintain situational awareness with the iCommand C2 system and deploy the Common Unmanned Surface Vehicle (CUSV) to verify a potential threat.

A tactical operations center could receive live aerial feeds and fuse that information with near-real-time intelligence reporting in the iCommand C2 system.  During an evolving threat situation, analysts can request to dynamically task assets from iCommand.

Real-time Data Fusion
Synchronized C2 across manned and unmanned systems
Quickly manage assets and make decisions
C2 Technology
Link people, platforms, & payloads in real-time

Based on the threat’s current course and probable destination, CUSV is deployed to intercept the unauthorized vessel and verify that the threat is not a suicide boat.  If the vessel is harmless, CUSV is capable of escorting errant sea-farers to shore.  If the vessel is deemed a threat, the CUSV will provide a live feed to assist responding assets.

20+ hours
Up to Sea State 6 (20 foot/ 6 meter waves)
Towing Capacity
4,000+ pounds force at 20 knots
Modular, multi-payload flexibility
Data Link
Once verified, respond to the threat in the air and at sea to secure coastal infrastructure.
Air Response

Critical information and live feeds are passed to manned airborne platforms such as the Beechcraft King Air 350ER.

Full Range of Air Capabilities
Motor Lifeboat

Once the threat vessel is verified and the risk is assessed, crews aboard the Motor Lifeboat can deploy to interdict and apprehend those onboard. 

Towing Capacity
100 tons
Total 21 = 4 crew, 17 passengers
25 knots (max speed); 22 knots (cruise)
200 nautical miles
Breaking Surf
20 feet
6.1 meters