Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance


Textron Systems provides full support for ISR missions. Remain aware of threats to critical lines of communication and transportation.  Quickly home in on, verify, and neutralize the threat to ensure mission success.

Every mission begins with an in-depth understanding of terrain and key features. Analyze the battlefield with RemoteView imagery exploitation software and deploy passive MicroObserver Unmanned Ground Sensors (UGS) to hone in on areas of vulnerability.

Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield.  Analyze the terrain of your operating area with RemoteView™ geospatial intelligence software.  RemoteView enables 3D line of sight analysis to help friendly forces identify areas of vulnerability as well as near-real-time change detection to alert you of potential threats.  Annotated maps can be delivered to the iCommand® C2 system.

Feature Analyst™
Quickly extract and analyze features from geospatial imagery
3D Pro
Conduct line-of-sight analysis in 3D Pro
Extend your ability, and utilize radar data; giving you all-weather, day/night analysis capabilities

Passively monitor areas of interest with the Micro-Observer™ ground sensor.   Suspicious ground movement triggers infrared imaging to capture a series of mini-videos that can be used to confirm/deny threat activity and cue additional assets.  Once the target is identified, the Shadow®UAV can be tasked to track and confirm threat.

Mission life options available from 1 month to 2 years
Communication Range
Options available for up to 10 kilometers
Detection Range
Personnel movement up to 100 meters
Light vehicle movement up to 300 meters
Gain a better understanding of the battlefield to dynamically task assets and confirm threats. iCommand C2 system fuses reporting sources and sends requests to nearby aerial assets to fix on suspicious activity.

Map files and near-real-time intelligence reports populate to the iCommand mission command platform for a comprehensive view of the battle space. Analysts can take all inputs and request to task aerial assets to fix on an area of interest.

Real-time Data Fusion
Synchronized C2 across manned and unmanned systems
Quickly manage assets and make decisions
C2 Technology
Link people, platforms, & payloads in real-time
Shadow® V2

Based on the updated battlefield scenario, leaders can choose to dynamically task the Shadow UAV to verify and fix on a threat. With mission endurance up to 9 hours, and proven performance in austere environments, the Shadow is every mission’s eye in the sky.

9 hours
Max Wingspan
20.4 feet (6.2 meters)
95 pounds (43 kilograms)
125 kilometers (Line of Sight)

The Shadow video feed can be relayed to leaders in the TOC via the Universal Ground Control Station, or to responding mounted elements via OSRVT.  Even dismounted teams are able to gain perspective from above via RT2®.

Ruggedized tablet
Interchangeable hardware elements &
customizable software
Up to LOI 3+ bi-directional control
Portable hardware and software system
Deploy assets to either capture or kill enemy threats. Mounted response teams rely on the rugged maneuverability of the COMMANDO family of armored vehicles to react quickly and close in on the enemy. The Shadow and other manned aircraft can be weaponized with the Fury Precision Weapon to decisively respond from the sky, keeping operators out of harm’s way.

With superior direct-fire and mine-blast protection, the COMMANDO is a trusted armored vehicle to protect troops. Teams within the vehicle have received precise information relating to the target via the OSRVT with direct footage from the Shadow and close in on the target to capture or kill the confirmed threat.

62 mph (100 kph)
39,915 lb (18,100 kg)
@ 40 mph - 400 miles (644 km)
Up to 10 (3 crew plus passengers)

The Fury Precision Weapon can launch from several manned and unmanned platforms to decisively strike from above. Continuous ISR feeds from aerial platforms give leaders instant battle damage assessment.

Gross Weight (LB)
13 pounds
Guidance System
SAASM GPS/INS with Semi-Active Laser Seeker
Tri-Mode Fuze