Aerial Survey & Geospatial Analysis


Utilize real-time data to gain a precise understanding of land assets, agricultural health, and natural resource security.  Textron Systems has the tools to help you stay informed to make critical decisions.

At the onset of any resource survey mission, decision makers can gain a baseline understanding of resource health status prior to a critical change, using RemoteView. Comparing that data to current state in a C2 system such as iCommand provides situational awareness for asset tasking.

Use RemoteView software to compare past and current health status prior to dispatching an aerial asset to capture real-time information. RemoteView imagery analysis software provides powerful exploitation tools to determine the health of agriculture and quickly measure & survey an area of interest.

Feature Analyst™
Quickly extract and analyze features from geospatial imagery
Multi-spectral Analysis
Visualize vegetation health & vulnerability through multi-spectral image analysis
Thermal Imagery
Quickly identify hot spots in Infrared (IR) imagery

Once the preliminary analysis has been conducted, plan a strategic flight path for the Aerosonde UAS on the iCommand system to send the air vehicle’s Ground Control Station.

Real-time Data Fusion
Synchronized C2 across manned and unmanned systems
Quickly manage assets and make decisions
C2 Technology
Link people, platforms, & payloads in real-time

Launch the Aerosonde to instantly collect imagery data of your critical land assets.  The Aerosonde offers long endurance for persistent operations, providing real-time, high-fidelity data to support mapping/survey applications. The system has been proven in some of the world’s harshest climates and terrains.

14+ hours
Max Wingspan
11.9 feet
3.6 meters
20 pounds
9.1 kilograms
75 nautical miles
140 kilometers
Collected FMV or still imagery from a UAV can be quickly formatted and analyzed. Analysts can use RemoteView extensions such a Virtual Mosaic and Feature Analyst to share finished products with decision makers.
Virtual Mosaic™

Imagery collected from Aerosonde can be analyzed using RemoteView’s Virtual Mosaic™ extension to create a complete picture of critical issues facing hundreds of acres of natural resources.

Automatically mosaic & load images
Unlimited images & no file restrictions
Finished orthorectified mosaics for archive and print
Feature Analyst

Use Feature Analyst™ to identify and highlight areas of interest and share time-sensitive information.  Finished geospatial products help to coordinate ground assets for quick, decisive action. 

Object specific change detection
Develop Automated Feature Extraction (AFE) models
Feature Extraction
Improve results using iterative hierarchical learning process
Quickly task ground and air assets to deliver a coordinated response based off the near-real-time analysis of aerial imagery.
Critical Response

When all of the information has been collected and analyzed, the critical response can be delivered to area of need.