Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance

Textron Systems provides full support for ISR missions. Remain aware of threats to critical lines of communication and transportation.  Quickly home in on, verify, and neutralize the threat to ensure mission success.

Aerial Survey & Geospatial Analysis

Utilize real-time data to gain a precise understanding of land assets, agricultural health, and natural resources security.  Textron Systems has the tools to help you stay informed to make critical decisions. 

Border Security

Maintain critical awareness of border activity.  Ensure traffickers are not illegally moving arms, fighters or narcotics across sensitive borders, using well-equipped Textron Systems products. 

Maritime Patrol

Leveraging imagery exploitation software and persistent aerial surveillance, security forces can monitor incredibly vast and complex marine environments, seeking out potential threats.

Critical Infrastructure Security

Critical infrastructure composes the backbone of any nation’s economy.  In today’s unpredictable, hybrid threat environment, securing a nation’s infrastructure is as important as securing its border. From the energy resources citizens rely on, to the logistics operations that drive an import/export economy, infrastructure security is paramount to national & economic security.

Disaster Response

During a natural disaster, time-to-response is critical. Leaders need to gather available data, verify vulnerable areas with reconnaissance assets, and then quickly deploy response elements to secure infrastructure and save lives.