Creating a “Why” Through Employee Engagement


Large organizations often face the challenge of bringing together employees who are spread out across locations, functions and departments. Textron Systems Marine & Land Systems is no stranger to this obstacle. Based in the greater New Orleans area and with multiple locations and work shifts, Marine & Land Systems sought to bring together employees from across the business. A group of employees created the Diversity, Inclusion Communication and Engagement (DICE) team in 2017 to take a holistic approach to engagement and unite employees across the organization.

Human Resources Business Partner Courtney Jarvis shared the need to bring together employees from across all functions, “Previously the organization had been focused on engagement, but lacked opportunities for both business and manufacturing employees to come together.”

To unite these employees who did not often cross paths, the DICE team began hosting events to bring both the manufacturing and business teams together. “These events facilitated networking among the employees, allowing them to leverage the diverse experience each individual has and bring it together,” Jarvis stated. Now, no matter the location or shift an employee works, they all have the opportunity to get involved and attend events.

The DICE team is made up of a diverse group of employees. Senior HR Business Partner LaSonda Henry explained, “The DICE team is made up of a cross-functional group – not just leadership or HR employees, but employees from each department and manufacturing.”

Each month, the DICE team selects a specific theme on historical and cultural celebrations, as well as various cultural events that are happening throughout the area. These themes are really taking hold across the business, as teams have created ways to celebrate the themes within their own departments each month. “Certain teams have carried the theme of the month into their own areas and have held team events based on various cultural celebrations. It’s great to see that happen organically,” shared Henry.

The team plans to continue this momentum by working with additional Employee Resource Groups from across the business to work together and create a social forum for employees to get to know one another and learn from each other.

The team has received positive feedback from employees and leaders from across the business. “This has provided a great forum for the manufacturing and business employees to interact and get to know one another. Our employees feel more connected to the business. “There’s a ‘why’ now,” Jarvis added.