Textron Systems Australia

Textron Systems Australia

Aerosonde is now Textron Systems Australia! Our experienced team serves as an agile, responsive link to customers throughout the Asia-Pacific region.


Textron Systems Australia Pty Ltd has a long legacy of support and presence in the Asia-Pacific region, with its roots founded in its Melbourne-based location, formerly known as Aerosonde Pty Ltd. With numerous product fulfillments in unmanned systems, marine & land systems and weapon & sensor systems, Textron Systems has played an integral part protecting the warfighter in addition to bridging the gap between the civil and aerospace industries.

Originally founded in 1995 in Melbourne, Australia, the business has built strategic relationships with key customers and influencers in the Asia-Pacific region. Textron Systems Australia has been highly involved in the aviation and defence industry, becoming a key partner with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). The company has worked with CASA and its leadership to develop aviation regulation and guidelines in the unmanned systems sector, providing safer protocol and measures in implementing unmanned systems into the national airspace. This work has lead to a greater understanding in aerospace capabilities by enabling academic research, linear infrastructure surveying, meteorological studies, precision agriculture and much more.

The facility now represents a wider range of products and service solutions across the Textron Systems business portfolio, including Unmanned Systems, Electronic Systems, Advanced Information Solutions, Geospatial Solutions, Marine & Land Systems, Support Solutions, and Weapon & Sensor Systems. Textron Systems has designed, manufactured and fielded industry-leading marine craft, land vehicles, and weapon and sensor systems to diverse customers for over 20 years. In addition, our Support Solutions business provides comprehensive support including maintenance, training and operations to improve availability and mission results – including support for the Australian Shadow ® Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System program.

With the continued support of personnel and products, Textron Systems has proven to be a devout partner to its customers around the world. Textron Systems Australia will play a vital role in expanding the footprint and capabilities of ground, air and sea technologies, integrating product solutions for customers across the region. Today, we are dedicated more than ever to tailoring products and services based on our individual customer requirements, meeting our customers where they are around the globe.

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