Unmanned Systems


Extending human capability in difficult and dangerous endeavors -- Textron Systems' high-performance unmanned systems, interoperable command-and-control solutions and comprehensive services make us the trusted, proven partner for both military and commercial applications.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Textron Systems has been designing, manufacturing, operating and supporting some of the world’s most reliable and trusted multi-mission unmanned aircraft since the 1980s. Today, our systems have more than one million hours of flight in some of the world’s most austere environments.  That experience brings our military, civil and commercial customers a decisive advantage.

Unmanned Surface Systems

Bringing to bear our extensive experience with complex command-and-control systems, Textron Systems has created a robust maritime command-and-control architecture with eight years of development and significant on-water experience.

Mission Command

Our control systems maintain continuous, reliable command and control of systems along the spectrum of autonomy, while delivering real-time data to users across the larger network. Scalable and modular, Textron Systems packages this architecture into hardware configurations best suited to the customer’s operations.

Worldwide Customer Support

Through our Support Solutions business, our skilled field service representatives (FSRs) provide operational and maintenance training, technical assistance and logistics support. Our Unmanned Aircraft System Specialist® program is unique in the industry and provides comprehensive training for FSRs in systems including automated launch and recovery systems, ground control systems, data link technologies, as well as the vehicles and vessels themselves.