3D Pro™

3D Pro™

Supports all of the standard data formats used by GeoINT Analysts
Create a series of pre-programmed viewpoints to facilitate mission planning and rehearsal
Visualize locations using real-world imagery and model re-creations
Pre-built 3D models and textures make 3D scenes match the real world
Disseminate 3D scenes in a variety of formats including Google Earth™, 3D PDF, and PowerPoint®
HLZ analysis
Damage Assessments
Line of sight
Flight & driving paths
Add the next dimension and increase success

3D Pro software is an add-on module for RemoteView™ which allows it to easily integrate with our UAV and ground control stations.  3D Pro allows analysts to take the imagery collected from UAVs and incorporate the imagery in near real-time to create rich 3D scenes.  The ability to fuse multiple data sources into a single 3D analytical tool allows analysts to mission plan real-life combat scenarios ultimately making war fighters more effective.

System Requirements

4 core processor
Operating System
Windows® 7 SP1 or newer
8 GB
Graphics Card
NVIDIA® Quadro® (Professional Grade), NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 500 Series or better; minimum 1 GB of VRAM
1600x1200 minimum resolution w/ 5 ms response time or lower
Adobe® Reader®, Google Earth, PowerPoint



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