SASI 240

Built-in Spectrum Analyzer, VNA, and O-Scope
Simultaneous dual-channel measurements
Scalable modular architecture
Remote operation via SCPI commands over Ethernet
DC to 40 GHz
Frequency Accuracy
±2 x 10-7 x measured frequency
(derived from master clock jitter)
Standalone benchtop testing, intuitive GUI supports USB 3.0 and HDMI
Integrated ATE RF subsystem
Physical Characteristics
3U, 19” Rackmount
Dual-channel, fully synthetic, multi-purpose measurement device

Textron Systems’ SASI 240 is a Signal Analysis Synthetic Instrument that combines the capabilities of three distinct measurement systems into a single device. The dual-channel architecture enables two independent RF measurements to be run simultaneously. Whether used as a benchtop device or an integrated ATE RF sub-system, SASI’s simple and intuitive graphic user interface ensures easy, out of-the box functionality. SASI hardware is built around a modular, scalable architecture and is paired with long-term product support. This truly is automation made easy.

Additional Specifications

+18.5 to -100 dBm over 3 MHz to 20 GHz
+5 to -100 dBm over 20 to 40 GHz
Power Resolution
Proprietary spurious rejection processing eliminates all spurs to the noise floor.
VSWR ≤ 2:1
Channel-to-Channel Isolation
≥ 60 dB
Power Draw
170W (max) during simultaneous 2-channel measurements