Advanced Boresight Equipment (ABE®)

Advanced Boresight Equipment (ABE®)

Does not require aircraft to be jacked and leveled
Can perform concurrent maintenance while boresighting aircraft
Designed for use on multiple aircraft platforms
Automated angular measurement system allowing for accurate and repeatable measurements
Platform-specific software called a Personality Module
18-month maintenance cycle
Military standard & CE qualified
Automatic measurement setup and calculations
Life Cycle Cost
Decreased life cycle cost
On target with precision alignment

ABE is a universal computerized measurement system capable of aligning armament, navigation, electro-optic sight sensors and missile warning systems on a variety of platforms. Utilizing inertial measurement technology, the system provides rapid, accurate and highly automated measurements without requiring a target board or a clear line-of-sight between the aircraft reference datum and weapon or sensor stations.

Additional Features

Setup Time
Reduced set-up time and complexity